Monday, January 24, 2011

Post #22; Things I learned from these quizzes

First Quiz:
1. Census Bureau conducts a monthly study called the Current Population Survey
2. The unemployment rate is the most closely watched statistic.
3. Agricultural workers are particularly affected by seasonal unemployment.
4. Anyone who is not classified as either employed or unemployed is considered not a part of the labor force.
5. In 2000 some 1.1 million people were marginally attached workers.
Second Quiz:
6. The inflation rate is the monthly or annual percentage change in prices.
7. Aggregate supply is influenced by the price level.
8.The two most common price indexes are the consumer price index and the producer price index.
9. The decreasing value of the dollar particularly hurts people on fixed incomes.
10. Deflation may occur when aggregate demand decreases more rapidly than aggregate supply.
Third Quiz:
11. Rapid changes in technology have led to a drop in demand for lower-skilled workers.
12. Income inequality in the U.S. had become greater than in any other large industrialized country.
13. The poverty rate is the percentage of individuals or families that are living in poverty
14. In 2000 the poverty threshold for a family of four was $17,761.
15. To improve income equality, you should raise the minimum wage.

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